Why Hair Transplant is a Total Success

Hair transplant, just like any other organ transplant technique, has been the best way to restore the lost hair due to old age or disease. The hair restoration procedure was initiated back in 1950’s, and to date, it is still the best option in treating hair loss issues.

Since its invention, there have been more than 200,000 hair restorations surgeries worldwide each year, with men taking 87% and women the remaining 13%. According to the International Society of Hair Restorations, 99% of the total surgeries have been successful due to the integrated techniques that have been developed since decades of practice.

The hair transplant success is substantially inclined to two methods and post-surgery medication. The methods include Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS), which involves removing a strip with hair from the rear part of the head then dividing it to small grafts that are then placed on the bald area. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE involves removing follicle from back of the head to the bald area.

Due to the current hair restoration needs, the number of individuals visiting the s has increased tremendously. Because of the success rate, most people have opted to take an extra step in hair restoration to have the surgery done on their eyebrows, moustache, and eyelash. The scalp area hair transplant holds the biggest segment of 90% and doesn’t, have many complications after the surgery.

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